Consulting Service for foreign food and beverage manufacturers, exporters and U.S. importers

Eurofoods Regulatory Advisors, LLC advises foreign food and beverage manufacturers and exporters as well as U.S. importers. Guidance is given on fulfilling the requirements for: the Bioterrorism Act, labeling regulations, nutrition declarations and tariff classifications.


The U.S. government has been tightening and increasing inspections of imports thereby making this service even more important to foreign exporters to make sure they fulfill all requirements. The company also provides assistance with import detentions. For foods under the Food and Drug Administration there is no label approval, so it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that all aspects of the label are correct. This is where Eurofoods reviews and helps clients reduce the possibility of problems at the time of import. Margaret Eckert, founder of Eurofoods Regulatory Advisors, LLC has over 35 years experience as Director of Trade Relations with a foreign government trade organization, dealing with the US Federal and Canadian Governments to assist companies in adhering to the applicable import regulations.  Eurofoods Regulatory Advisors, LLC also provides guidance on the Food Safety Modernization Act.